Tolerance Chart, optical lens tolerance chart

Spherical and aspherical tolerance limits

This chart provides materials we use, diameter range, coatings, lead time, core competencies, ideal quantities, and our top 10 Asphere design tips. The chart is beneficial to our customers and potential new customers to know what our manufacturing limits are when specifying their optical components.

What's Included:

The tolerance chart outlines the general tolerance limits for spherical and aspherical lenses that we can accommodate. It also acts as a valuable reference tool when designing a variety of optical components.

Key points covered in this chart:
  • Materials currently in our processing capabilities
  • Range of diameters accommodated
  • Estimated lead times for orders
  • Our core competencies in lens manufacturing
  • Processing quantity range
  • Various parameters to consider when designing optical components
  • Top 10 tips for designing aspherical lenses