An Overview of LaCroix Precision Optics

Learn about the many capabilities we offer and what makes us a world-class manufacturer of custom precision optics.

The History of LaCroix Precision Optics

Hear how we got our start and grew to become one of the premier, independent precision optics manufacturers.

Specifying Optical Coatings

Explore the important specifications and other essential information to include when specifying optical coatings for manufacturability. 

How to Get a Quote

Understand the important types of information needed for your optics supplier to provide a quote for precision optics.

Inspection Data Documentation

Inspection data is a valuable tool to verify the optics produced meet customer specifications. This video explains the various standard and additional inspection data options we offer.

Download the Inspection Data Reference Guide here.

Prototype vs. Volume Manufacturing

Understand the various processes and options to consider when transitioning from prototype to full-run production. 

Precision Aspheres: Manufacturing & Metrology

Aspheres have allowed optical designers to create systems and products that push the limitations of performance. This video explains the various processes used to manufacture precision aspheres. Our presentation will apply to grinding and polishing aspheres, as well as the metrology utilized to verify important specifications such as form error, slope error, and surface roughness.

Designing for Manufacturability with Fluorides and Other High Expansion Materials

As the demand for fluorides and other high expansion materials increases, it is important to understand the risks/challenges involved with these materials and how they affect various factors such as manufacturability, project cost, and timeline. Watch this video for methods of design to minimize these risks and learn general tolerancing guidelines for working with these materials.

Measuring Aspheres in a 3-D World

Our experts review the key points made in our "Measuring Aspheres in a 3-D World" white paper, including
the benefits of 3-D measurements of aspheres and real-world examples of parts that we have manufactured.

Download the white paper here

LaCroix Precision Optics Expansion Timelapse

In 2016/2017, we expanded our operations and increased our facility to a total of 46,250 sq ft. Watch how our space grew!