Responsible & Accountable, from Concept Through Production 

When you work with LaCroix, you work with leaders who value people, precision, and performance. Our family-owned company stands on a long-standing commitment to quality and fairness in everything we do. From the top down, we have the experience and the integrity to deliver on your project goals.

Optical Engineering, Manufacturing, & Customer Service


From left to right, back to front: Jason Lane, Engineering Manager; Kyle Temple, Technical Sales & Manufacturing Engineer; Sam Burchfield, Customer Service & Marketing Manager; Jill Craft, Customer Service Administrator; William Smith, Coating Engineer; Christina Watts, Technical Sales and Manufacturing Engineer.

You'll begin with our Manufacturing Engineers who shepherd your project from print to production. After delivery, your Customer Service Manager is on hand for product support and repeat orders. 

Precision Optics Production, Processing, Assembly, & Optical Coating


From left to right, back to front: Darrell Gilley, Production Manager; David Sharp, CNC; Buck Daniels, Plano & Centering; Matt Smith, Coating; Justin Tracy, Advanced Processing; Reid Womack, Facilities and Maintenance;  Charles Cotton, Conventional; Jerry Johnson, Finishing.

Our Production Supervisors have decades of combined experience managing the manufacturing process, meeting deadlines, and ensuring quality. This experience translates to high-quality custom precision optics that are made on time and without error.

Reach out to our team and get your project started.