1 Million Precision Optics Per Year 

High-Volume Manufacturing, optics manufacturer,

As your specs, your budget, and your timeline tighten up, LaCroix's team bridges the gap between efficiency, quality, and performance.

We're known for having the largest volume capacity for custom precision optics in the US, capable of producing over one million high-quality custom precision optics per year.

Efficient Innovation, Exceptional Quality

  • Design-for-Manufacturability sharpens our focus on efficient, reliable production process for reduced risk
  • Optical manufacturing engineers use both conventional and CNC methods to streamline all manufacturing processes, ensuring high-quality optics on demand
  • In-house custom tooling optimizes production rate and reduces costs
  • Expedited prototyping (PEDS) service helps catch design and performance flaws early on, speeding your time-to-market
  • Optical coatings like AR coatings, beamsplitters, and cut-off filters deliver exceptional value

Precision Optics at Volume

  • Spheres
  • Aspheres
  • Achromats
  • Prisms and Beam Splitters
  • Windows and Wedges

LaCroix's team has the expertise, the capacity, and the quality-focused mindset to take on your high-volume project. Talk to a Manufacturing Engineer now.


Precision Optics