High Precision Imaging Lens Assemblies Without Compromise

When it comes to optical assemblies, performance is everything. Backed by 75+ years of experience delivering high-quality optics, LaCroix works to maximize performance through minimal signal loss and adhere to the strictest quality standards without compromise.

Whether your project requires drop-in subassemblies or active alignment, LaCroix’s expertise, vertically integrated business model, and relationship-first focus look to exceed your expectations every time.

High Precision Imaging Lens
High Precision Imaging Lens
Whether you need prototypes or production volumes, our Class 100 cleanroom facility supports your project requirements.

Meticulous Optical Engineering and Assembly

LaCroix serves the most demanding industries such as biotech, defense, semiconductor, and space exploration. Our ability to manufacture optics and assemblies to the tightest tolerances and the strictest documentation gives you confidence in our deep expertise. This expertise encompasses materials, opto-mechanical and electro-optical engineering, manufacturing, and metrology.

Core Optical Assembly Capabilities

    • Engineering – Opto-mechanical, and electro-optical expertise backed by decades of experience in manufacturability, materials selection, and integration
    • Mounting – Fixturing, bonding, welding, and cementing designed for the utmost stability
    • Alignment – Precise positioning for optimal performance
    • Optical metrology – Laser interferometers, thickness gauges, CMMs, focal measurements, spectrophotometers, and digital microscopy for the utmost verification
    • Advanced services – Beam steering, focusing, and more
    • Custom metrology setups - Support your unique qualifications
    • Optical coatings – Choose custom or one of 400 stock designs. AR coatings, HRs, beamsplitters, filters

Why Choose LaCroix Precision Optics?

Customer-First Approach Vertically Integrated for Design-Build-Test Quality Optics at a Fair Price Quality in Pursuit of Perfection
A relationship-driven approach to delivering the highest quality optics and assemblies. Streamlines the process from quoting through production. Our engineers handle optics fabrication, optical assemblies, coating, and testing. Your project stays on track through our extensive network of vetted supply chain partners who provide the highest quality hardware components. We consistently verify, monitor, and measure materials and components per your design spec.