Prisms & Beamsplitters 2024

Precise Angles Control the Path of Light

Controlling light for image and beam manipulation requires meticulous attention to angular precision, surface quality, and material selection.

LaCroix's prisms & beam splitters follow strict surface and dimensional tolerances. Standard angular accuracies begin at 3' and can reach less than or equal to 1'.

Capabilities in Prisms & Beam Splitters

  • 6mm - 100mm
  • 90 degree, anamorphic, cube, & wedge prisms
  • Prototypes to volume production
  • Surface accuracy up to λ/10
  • Broad range of materials including optical glass (Schott, Ohara, Hoya, CDGM), fused silica, fused quartz, filter glass, and float glass.
  • High-precision optical machining


Binoculars Microscopy Multi-spectral imaging
Telescopes LASIK devices Machine vision
Ophthalmology Threat detection Laser target designators
Prisms & Beam Splitters, optical prism, optical beam splitter, beam splitter
Optical Prism
Prisms & Beam Splitters, optical prism, optical beam splitter, beam splitter
Cube Beam Splitter

Manufacturing Optical Prisms, Beam Splitters

Fabrication begins with a LaCroix Manufacturing Engineer dedicated to seeing your project from sketch to completion.

We follow a step-by-step process with rigorous quality checks along the way. 

  1. Optical Design: Our engineering team works alongside you to design the optic, keeping an eye on manufacturability. Production begins with a near-net-shape optical glass blank.
  2. Shaping, Grinding: As the shape takes form through generation, fine grinding forms the prism to your specifications.
  3. Polishing, Cementing, Finishing: Prism surfaces are polished and cemented together, and are ready for coating and metrology as needed.

Optical Coatings from UV-SWIR

Use our extensive in-house coating capabilities to meet your requirements. See our coating capabilities.