LaCroix Precision Optics is a customer-driven, world-class manufacturer of custom precision optics.

Unique among custom optics manufacturers, LaCroix has the flexibility to assist you in scaling from prototypes to production volumes; we're a dependable, flexible partner that delivers outstanding quality at any quantity.

Key Information:

  • Materials: Optical Glass, Fused Silica, Fused Quartz, Filter Glass, and Float Glass
  • Diameter Range: 4mm - 150mm for spherical lenses & 10mm 200mm for aspheric lenses
  • Coatings: Range from 250-2500nm (High UV to SWIR), BBARs, V-Coats, High Laser Damage Resistance, Hydrophobic Coatings, Dielectric Mirrors, Beam Splitters, and Custom Coatings
  • Lead Time: 8-10 Week Standard Delivery, Expedite Service 2-6 Weeks
  • Core Competencies: Spherical Lenses, Achromats, Aspheres, Windows, Wedges, Prisms, and Axicons
  • Services: Optical Assemblies & Optical Design Support
  • Ideal Quantities: 1 - 100,000+