Interferometry, Thickness Gauging, & Spectrophotometry for Precision Measurements

LaCroix Precision Optics is dedicated to the pursuit of perfection. We employ the latest in state-of-the-art optical measurement capabilities to ensure our products not only meet but often exceed our customers’ expectations.

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Inspection Data Reference Guide
Download MIL-PRF-13830B Specifications

Our Metrology Technologies include:

  • Phase Shift Interferometers
  • White Light Interferometers
  • Laser Interferometers
  • Xonox Center Thickness Gauge
  • Trioptics Opticentric Focal Measurement
  • Mitutoyo Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • Perkin Elmer Spectrophotometers
  • Digital Microscopes

Optical Metrology Systems for a Quality Product

At LaCroix Precision Optics, we build quality into our optics and optical assemblies. Our system is designed to monitor the optics we produce from beginning to end.

Beginning: all raw material is verified before use to ensure it meets dimensional, material, and performance requirements.

In-Process: all parts are monitored and measured to confirm they meet design requirements before proceeding to the next process. Dimensional, appearance, and performance requirements are verified by our skilled team of operators and inspectors.

End: all products go through a final verification process before packaging and shipment to assure the product meets specifications.

LaCroix Precision Optics has a long history of producing coated and uncoated precision optics for demanding industries like military, aerospace, and medical applications. 

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