Small quantity prototypes, prototype optics, quick turn prototypes

Quick Prototypes to Gain Advantage

Your customers want the first-mover advantage. With LaCroix's Prototype Expedited Delivery Service (PEDS), you'll have a prototype in hand in 3-6 weeks or less.

PEDS streamlines the entire process from quoting to process design to manufacturing, using dedicated engineering and machine capacity.

Advantages of PEDS

  • Improve communication with your team and your customers. Use the prototype to validate the light path, functionality, and performance.
  • Stay on schedule, stay on budget using this fast, iterative process. Catch design flaws early to minimize costly rework.
  • Reduce supply chain risk using in-house stock of high-demand glass blanks.

PEDS is available for precision optics such as:

  • Spheres
  • Aspheres
  • Achromats
  • Prisms
  • Optical Windows and Wedges

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Small quantity prototypes, prototype optics, quick turn prototypes, CNC processing