Team Leadership

Engineering and Customer Service Team

From left to right: David Cossey, Clayton Carpenter, Kenny Rains, Technical Sales and Manufacturing Engineers; Dennis Whitener, Customer Service Manager; Tom Cox, Technical Sales and Manufacturing Engineer.

Our customer facing group consists of our Manufacturing Engineers and Customer Service Manager.  The Manufacturing Engineers deal with every new part that is ordered in our shop, and once the optical component has been produced and shipped, our Customer Service Manager will handle repeat orders as they ramp up in volume.


Production SupervisorsFrom left to right, back to front: Will Smith, Coating Engineer; Justin Tracy, CNC and Advanced Process Engineer; Darrell Gilley, Centering and Finishing; James Estes, Process Engineer; Charles Cotton, Conventional; Jerry Johnson, Plano, Micro Grind, and Polish; Lannie Barber, Production Supervisor.

Our Production Supervisors have decades of combined experience managing the manufacturing process, meeting deadlines, and ensuring quality. This experience translates to high quality custom precision optics that are made on time and without error.