What is an Aspherical Lens?

Posted by Justin Tracy on 7/26/21 11:30 AM

An aspherical lens is any lens that has an optical surface that is not spherical and may include cylindrical, toroidal, and general freeform surfaces. 

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Optics Manufacturing 101: Specifying Optical Coatings

Posted by William Smith on 3/8/21 10:00 AM

Optics are applied in many diverse fields of use every day all over the planet and even in space. The fundamental purpose of optics is to control light in a manner to make it useful. Optical coatings modify the reflectance, transmittance, and absorptive properties of optics substrates to increase the efficiency and functionality of an optic.

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Optics Manufacturing 101: How to Get a Quote

Posted by Kenny Rains on 2/15/21 10:00 AM

In order to turn your optical design from concept to the finished lens, it is crucial to understand what items need to be provided when submitting a request for quote (RFQ). 

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What is Interferometry and Why Does it Matter?

Posted by Clayton Carpenter on 12/7/18 10:29 AM

 Goal: To provide a basic understanding of optical metrology and the Fizeau interferometer. Fizeau interferometry is performed in manufacturing millions of optical components each year.

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Topics: Inspection Data, Interferometry

Asphere Manufacturing Overview: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Posted by Kenny Rains on 10/9/18 9:50 AM

Goal: To provide an introductory overview of each topic we will be addressing in this blog series.  As a result, we will be able to dive deeper into each item to better understand aspheres and how they are manufactured.

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Laser Induced Damage Threshold

Posted by William Smith on 8/1/18 1:49 PM

Goal: To provide the fundamental concepts of laser damage in optical coatings.

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On-Boarding Made Easy

Posted by Clayton Carpenter on 7/10/18 3:54 PM
Goal: Explain to the customer the on-boarding process for LaCroix Precision Optics. Our goal is to make the quoting and ordering process quicker for the customer.
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Topics: Inspection Data, OnBoarding

Intro to Optical Manufacturing

Posted by Kenny Rains on 6/19/18 8:39 AM

The Basics of Making Optics

Goal: Give an introduction into how optics are manufactured starting with a design, then conceptualizing how the lens will be made, designing a blank, forming the blank into the finished part, coating, inspection, and finally packaging and shipping. 

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